Peonies & Pheasant Feathers: A Bohemian Summer Table (with a little Midas touch)

Peonies -  big and blousy and completely beautiful, they have more drama and romance than you can shake a stick at.  Growing up, our garden was full of them and I've loved them ever since.  They're so worth the effort of having to prop them up as they grow, just so they can cope with the weight of their own blooms - but oh, those blooms...  In June we put together a summer wedding tablescape for Country Fest in Cumbria that gave these firm summer favourites the limelight alongside an eclectic collection of brown glass, eucalyptus, deep dark reds and pheasant feathers.  The result is unstructured, bohemian but still feminine and gives each peony head room to showboat.  

With a UK flowering season from mid spring to early summer, peonies are perfect for late May, June and July brides.  

Images: Rachel Hayton Photograhy // Event Styling: Tebbey & Co.